Wednesday, June 22, 2011



When I say to you, prospective audience, this, the most anticipated MASTERPEICE is everything to every demo-you must believe. You need laughs, SCARY CLOWN gots it in spades. But if you need a date nite with your old lady-SCARY CLOWN delivers the Romance AND Pathos with a CRYBABY named RENEE, that will break your heart and your HEUVOS! Fellas, “she’s got the squeezebox that makes the grown man cry!” I serious! After a session with RENEE my privates looked like a bowl of CALIMARI TAR TAR! No really!

Please enjoy a dish of estrogen with your gal in this, the EXCLUSIVE #6 courtesy of Waaa, Waaa, Waaa What’s Her Name?…I joking…no I serious, I already forgot her name again…enjoy. Prego.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


It’s inevitable that I must include my Mommy in this, “The most-anticipated, International, Horror-Genre, Bio-Pic of the 2011 Summer: SCARY CLOWN". Hey dirty ol’ Baby Boomers, I must capitalize on your 401K money and in return you can capitalize on my Mommy! Who am I kidding, dirty ol’ anybody…she practically had relations with Mr. Rob Zombie’s whole crew running the HELLBILLY DELUXE 2009 TOUR in which I most memorably hosted in New York City).

Hey naughty crew, I hope all your genital regions are intact and functioning properly again-I sorry. I make mistake to bring her-makes sense, I was born a mistake!

No Really!