Thursday, January 27, 2011


Here are two of my favorite puppets The Poubelle Twins. They go by the names of Bibi and Fifi but I just call them "Yes Mommy". They get me in many strong holds in my tight places. Ouch! No really.

Watch them in action. It is like Russian porno film only less violent. I kid. No really I kid.


  1. amazing ! these twins !! so sexy to look at, i bang my head against brick walls just to get their images out of my mind so i can sleep at night !!

    has any person found a photos of them without any garments on? i search and search their websites, but i can't find anything yet !! if you find, you must let me know !!

    twincerely (i made this joke !!!),
    The New Most Big Fan of The POUBELLE TWINS

  2. Forgive the commercial, but interested fans could purchase a collection of short films starring the Twins, in which they play creepy dolls...

  3. thank you, Nick ! my parents did read me the stories of the Himmel brothers as a kid - it will be cool to see the stories in life but with sexy ladies instead of colorful drawings of the book ! cool to you !!!

    also, i did find this too when the Poubelle TWins almost wear nothing except still wear corsets : (

    I love you Uncle Seymour. when can we hang out together ?!!!

  4. Never heard of them before, but I think they're really cute.

  5. Ah, Les Twins Poubelle. I remember when we met at a seedy Montmartre cafe way back when. A surly Parisian had a knife to my throat for the 3,000 francs in my pocket. It didn't end well for him thanks to Bibi and Fifi.

    After copious amounts of unfiltered cigarettes and sugared absinthe, we made this film together:

    Let's rendezvous again soon!